Microsimulation is a powerful visual and analytical means of investigating and solving complex traffic engineering problems. VISSIM is a state of the art transportation simulator developed by PTV in Germany.

Like any vehicle simulation package it is based on modelling individual vehicles using traffic engineering principles (car following algorithms, gap acceptance theory and lane changing behaviour).

It offers all of the tools necessary to solve complex transport and traffic engineering problems. Features making it ideal for application include:

Urbsol own and have employed VISSIM in projects that involve elements such as:

Urbsol also own and use VISWALK, the pedestrian simulation platform form PTV that employs pedestrian algorithms derived from the Social Force Model (Helbing and Molnar, 1995).

VISWALK works seamlessly with VISSIM meaning realistic pedestrian interaction can be included in vehicle simulation models or standalone pedestrian areas can be analysed in isolation.

This makes it ideal to analyse situations such as: