Our expertise lies in optimising traffic, transport and people movement within the parameters of given transport and urban infrastructure, demographics, user behaviours, development site profile and project characteristics.

The software Urbsol use provides a visual representation and analysis of various scenarios or the final proposed project or development in action.

Three of the key reasons we use simulation to deliver on our clients needs are:


1. To provide a visual understanding of the issue

Our tools allow for the true engagement of stakeholders, providing them with an understanding of how new infrastructure will operate. This can serve as an excellent marketing aid and help gain support for projects especially in complex undertakings where decision makers may not have expertise in the details of particular problems - thus empowering decision makers to make a valued contribution to the decision making process.


2. To simulate possible "localised" transport network solutions without the costly "build" component

We can assess facility operation in a virtual environment and hence minimise the potential risk of "getting it wrong". Simulation forms an excellent test-bed for projects before turning over the first layer of soil.


3. Consideration of the true dynamics of the problem

The tools we use provide the ability to simulate multiple complex simultaneous network interactions under probabilistic conditions - real life is complex and events do not always occur following predictable patterns, it is therefore important that real life problems are considered under these conditions.