The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS®) is the real life system developed by the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales to operate and coordinate a network of traffic signals.

SCATS® is used worldwide by numerous road authorities to ensure the optimal operation of their transport network. It is currently used in 145 cities in 24 countries worldwide controlling more than 33,500 intersections.

SCATSIM allows for the integration of a transport simulator such as VISSIM, Commuter or Q-PARAMICS with SCATS® to ensure all signals within the model are operating realistically and are capable of an adaptive response to prevailing traffic conditions.

Urbsol have a number of SCATSIM licences and have successfully integrated SCATSIM with VISSIM, Commuter and Q-PARAMICS models including multi-region applications.



While SCATSIM is perfect for use with existing network infrastructure new traffic signals pose another issue. Urbsol own a number of NGEN licences - an application developed by Traffic Application Software now owned by the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales to assist with traffic signal personality generation.  This means we can create traffic signal personalities for new traffic control sites or modify existing sites and integrate these in a virtual environment using SCATSIM and a number of traffic simulators.

Our WinTRAFF single licences also allow us to test new intersection personalities within the SCATS® environment to ensure safe operation and deliver a traffic signal personality to our clients capable of being directly incorporated in the field.


SCATS is a registered trademark of the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales.