Microsimulation is a powerful visual and analytical means of investigating and solving complex road network problems. Q-PARAMICS is one of the oldest and most widely used simulation packages on the market that has continued to receive industry support. Originally developed by the University of Edinburgh in the early 1990's it continues to be enhanced and developed by Quadstone - a division of Portrait Software.

Q-PARAMICS is a module based software suite geared to the microsimulation market. Like any vehicle simulation package it is based on modelling individual vehicles using traffic engineering principles (car following algorithms, gap acceptance theory and lane changing behaviour).

As a module based suite it offers all of the tools necessary to solve complex transportation problems. Features making it ideal for application include:

Urbsol have employed Paramics in projects that involve elements such as:

Urbsol own several licences for all of the available modules of the Q-Paramics suite and plug-ins and is a V6 Quadstone Accredited Trainer accross all available modules.