Data Visualisation and Statistical Analysis

It is essential that decision making is supported with access to robust data and information - our skills and services extend to statistical analysis consulting and working with large datasets to help understand trends and changes in key drivers.

We aim to turn data into information in an effort to bring knowledge to our clients through data visualisation techniques including Tableau and GIS.

We use a variety of software suites to analyse and visualise data including:

  • Data visualisation software such as Tableau
  • Geospatial data analysis (ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Q-GIS)

Urbsol employ visual analytics built on concepts such as cross relational databasing to produce beautiful dashboards that allow clients to interact with their data to derive knowledge and understanding of key trends and drivers behind change.

We have employed these techniques in analysing large datasets including city wide crash databases, network performance datasets and freeway monitoring systems.





You can view and interact with some of our Tableau vizzes based on publicly available datasets here.