Crowd Simulation and Evacuation Modelling

The analysis of the urban form and pedestrian/crowd behaviour is complex and it is important that these problems are considered using appropriate analysis techniques.  Robust infrastructure planning extends to how the built form affects the comfort and behaviour of end users under both normal and abnormal operating conditions.


Crowd Simulation

From large crowd simulations for actual venues through to the operation of end of event facilities such as footbridges, train stations and bus ports, consideration of the end user is paramount to good facility planning, design and operation. 

Urbsol use VISWALK which is a pedestrian simulator from PTV based on the social force model developed by Helbing and Molnar which mathematically formulates social and psychological impacts as forces.  VISWALK has the advantage of full integration with VISSIM meaning pedestrian interaction with vehicles can be properly considered and analysed.



Emergency Egress Modelling

Our skills have also been called on to investigate how facilities are liklely operate under emergency egress conditions to ensure robust infrastructure planning through the use of specialised simulators such as Pathfinder developed by Thunderhead Engineering

This type of analysis helps infrastructure designers and operators understand how to both design facilities and best manage users in the event of an emergency situation.