Software Training

Urbsol provide tailored accredited training services in the development and application of simulation models built using a variety of software suites and have delivered accredited courses to a number of private and public sector clients.



With a number of Advanced Accredited Expert (ACE) users and an Accredited Advanced Expert trainer on staff we are well versed with the use of Commuter and can help you develop the skills to deliver high quality simulation models.


Urbsol is accredited to train in both VISSIM microsimulation and VISWALK pedestrian and crowd simulation developed by PTV.





Urbsol is an advanced Q-Paramics trainer with accreditation accross all available modules and has delivered tailored courses to road authorities and global engineering firms.




We hold licences for a number of software applications and apply them regularly in our projects including Commuter, VISSIM, Q-Paramics, SCATSIM, Pathfinder, CUBE, VISUM and as such have a well developed understanding of simulation modelling and suitability of various tools for required tasks.

All of our courses are adapted to user requirements and can cover topics such as:

  • Understanding transport modelling and the simulation ethos
  • Preparing effective consultant's briefs
  • Model auditing and review
  • Introductory topics
  • Intermediate topics
  • Advanced topics
  • Model calibration
  • Model reporting and outputs
  • Demand estimation
  • Actuated signal control and logic
  • Project based assistance (specific case studies)

Please contact us to find out more or to arrange a tailored course today