Mobility and Accessibility Planning


Mobility and accessibility assessment of people, public transport, private transport, and commercial users provides a better planning platform for any development or project where users interact in a common space. In addition to assisting in the design or location of infrastructure, assessment may be required to best manage people and vehicles during construction or in the event of an emergency.

End-to-End Journey Modelling

Employing nanosimulation and end to end journey modelling (Commuter), Urbsol is able to engage in assessing and simulating people movement and transportation within a particular environment, under specific conditions.

Crowd and Pedestrian Simulation

We also offer unique skills in pedestrian and crowd simulation in the built environment to help understand how facilities will operate under operational conditions - these skills have been called upon to help plan and optimise major infrastructure investment in facilities such as stadiums, hospitals and transport interchanges such as train stations.

Emergency Evacuation Simulation

In addition to how facilities and infrastructure operate under normal conditions, Urbsol undertake emergency egress simulation using tools such as Pathfinder which is an agent based evacuation simulator.  This type of analysis helps infrastructure designers and operators understand how to both design and best manage users in the event of an emergency situation.


The unique qualities, specific requirements and interaction of pedestrians, cyclists and public and private transportation require due consideration for every type of analysis, modelling and assessment.