Traffic Engineering

Urbsol use and develop:

  • Macro level models (VISUM, Cube Voyager, QRSII)
  • Meso level models (VISSIM mesoscopic, Cube Avenue)
  • Micro level models (VISSIM, Q-PARAMICS)
  • Hybrid VISSIM models
  • Nanosimulation and end to end journey modelling (Commuter)
  • Traffic signal operation (SCATSIM and NGEN)
  • Car parking models including guided parking systems
  • Corridor models and signal optimisation (Linsig, Transyt)
  • Pedestrian simulation and analysis (VISWALK, Commuter)
  • Emergency egress simulation (Pathfinder)

To deliver whole solutions to transport demand and mobility planning problems.

Our traffic engineering and modelling services include:

  • transport model development (strategic, mesoscopic, microsimulation, nanosimulation)
  • SCATSIM applications
  • inter and multi modal simulation
  • vehicle actuated signal logic
  • traffic signal optimisation and personality generation (NGEN)
  • capacity calibration of supply side response
  • matrix estimation
  • car park circulatory simulation including pedestrian access strategy, entry/exit system delays and queue development
  • traffic and transport analysis and advice
  • pedestrian access strategy simulation
  • emergency evacuation modelling
  • deterministic analysis using tools such as SIDRA, Linsig and Transyt
  • expert witness services
  • sub-consulting and specialist advice