Our partners

The majority of the projects that Urbsol secure are a part of a larger project, with input by a consortium of specialists firms.

Urbsol has strong relationships with a number of major engineering firms in Western Australia and in the eastern states and has directly secured contracts in the areas of strategic and simulation transport modelling.

The companies we work closely with include BG&E, Jpetsos& Associates, Traffimax, GHD, Jacobs, SMEC, AECOM, GTA, Hyder, ARUP, Cardno, Flyt, High Range Analytics, Transport Modellers Alliance and Don Veal Consultants.


We retain a close working relationships with our software providers ensuring input into development and best practice.






Urbsol are proud to be able to sponsor QGIS, a free, open source Geographic Information System.

We are grateful for the services provided by Surveytech and Sandbox post production.