about us

Our Philosophy

The development, operation and support of transportation models is always complex. It is important that this is done properly with all available experience taking into account the key variables to ensure the best overall solution.

Central to successful delivery under these conditions is:

  • Good Technical Knowledge - to fully understand all strengths, weaknesses and real life limitations and applications of the tool.
  • Extensive Experience - to predict and prioritise potential problem areas.
  • Full Contingency Planning - to facilitate rapid responses to potential problems.

Urbsol can provide this quality of service as we have extensive experience with specialised expertise in transportation modelling and analysis using a number of specialised software suites.

Urbsol have years of experience in the industry, specifically in the areas of:

  • model development and delivery
  • consultant brief preparation
  • peer review
  • research and development into standards and best practices
  • developing, commissioning and operating numerous simulation transport models used to solve complex real life problems
  • real traffic control systems and their interface with simulation based products
  • intermodal simulation
  • crowd and pedestrian simulation and analysis
  • before and after studies
  • economic evaluation of transport infrastructure investment
  • statistical analysis
  • data visualisation